Maximize Your Education at UHS

Have you always dreamed of pursuing a career in healthcare but you don’t know where to start? Let UHS, the largest healthcare system in New York’s Southern Tier, help you achieve your career goals. You will have a guaranteed job at UHS upon your graduation. Our EIPs are available for both internal and external candidates (based on specific program).

We offer a variety of EIPs to meet your career interests. Whether you would like to become an RN (ASN or BSN), LPN, Clinical Laboratory Technologist, Respiratory Therapist, Medical Assistant, or Surgical Technician, United Health Services has a program for you.

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Employment during School

While enrolled in school, you will be able to work either part-time or per diem at UHS. Earn extra money while saving on your healthcare education.

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Benefits on Day One

There are many positives to working at UHS, and one big one is that you will receive comprehensive benefits on day 1 of your full-time employment after graduation. You also get the advantage of voluntary benefits, including cancer, pet, and life insurance.

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Opportunities to Grow

At United Health Services, you’ll have opportunities to grow in addition to your education. We’re one of the largest healthcare systems in the area and provide mentorship, advancement potential, and comprehensive training.

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Support from Your Team

As a healthcare worker, you’ll need support from your team and leadership to make sure you’re reaching your full potential and sometimes just to get through a tough day. Your team is your ultimate work-family and will be there for you, just like you’ll be there for them.

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Follow Your Passion

We offer many EIP opportunities so that you can choose the healthcare career path that’s right for you. Even if you don’t see your desired program listed, contact one of our recruiters to see if we have other incentives that will pique your interest.

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Guaranteed Employment

One of the best benefits of our EIPs is that you will have guaranteed employment at UHS once you complete your program. Don’t worry about the job search struggle! Get your tuition paid for and your job reserved at UHS by applying for our EIPs today.

Save Money while Following Your Dreams

We offer competitive Education Incentive Programs (EIP) that provide financial assistance to candidates pursuing education leading to a degree in select healthcare fields.

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Opportunities for current employees and external candidates

The following EIPs are available to internal or external candidates:

  • Nursing (ASN or BSN)
  • LPN (Technical)
  • Clinical Laboratory Technologist (BS)
  • Respiratory Therapy (AS or BS)
  • Surgical Technology (AS)

Innovative programs for current employees

The following EIPS are available to current employees:

  • Nursing, ASN to BSN
  • SPECIAL: Surgical Technology in partnership with MVCC
  • SPECIAL: LPN in partnership with BT-BOCES
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Education Incentive Programs at a glance

Degree Tuition Assistance Requirements
  • Tuition up to $8,000/semester
  • Mandatory fees
  • Open to UHS Hospitals employees
A one-year work commitment for each year of tuition paid, with a minimum of a two-year work commitment.
Clinical Laboratory Technologist
  • Tuition up to $8,000/semester
  • Mandatory fees
Licensed Practical Nurse
  • 100% of tuition
  • Mandatory fees
Medical Office Assistant
  • Tuition up to $6,000/semester
  • Mandatory fees
OR Technician
  • Tuition up to $6,000/semester
  • Mandatory fees
Registered Nurse (ASN and BSN)
  • Tuition up to $8,000/semester for BSN/BAT
  • Tuition up to $6,000/semester for ASN
  • Includes tuition and mandatory fees
Respiratory Therapy
  • 100% of tuition and mandatory fees, including parking

All Education Incentive Programs require a completed Education Incentive Application.
The terms of the Education Incentive Programs change periodically based on tuition rates and other factors. See the Education Incentive Application for final program details.

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