Education Incentives and Tuition Forgiveness

United Health Services is offering candidates financial assistance to pursue education leading to a degree and/or licensure in selected health career fields where there is a current or forecasted shortage of qualified health professionals. The offerings change periodically so check back for changes. For more information, please visit the links below.

Education Incentive Program

(EIP – degree in process)

For designated programs, monies are paid directly to the college while the student is enrolled in the program in turn for a work commitment upon graduation.

Tuition Forgiveness

(TF – degree awarded)

For designated programs, the student receives a payment each pay period for a specified amount of time to offset education expenses the student incurred while enrolled in college.

Healthcare—Get into It! You’ll Get So Much out of It!

For shadowing information, please contact the Volunteer Office at 607-763-6149.