Summer Externship

UHS is thrilled to offer our Summer Externship Program, an exclusive opportunity for you to jump into the world of healthcare and gain hands-on experience.

This program is designed to provide an extensive and immersive learning experience with a strong emphasis on direct patient contact. As you engage in meaningful interactions with patients, you will not only enhance your clinical competence but also gain confidence in real-world healthcare settings. 

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Learn from the largest healthcare system in the Southern Tier.

Experience 10 weeks of hands-on learning, camaraderie, and fun!

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Get Paid to Learn

Our Summer Externs earn a competitive hourly wage. In addition, Externs who complete enough hours by the end of the program will earn a college tuition stipend.

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Learn from Experienced Nurses

Work closely with seasoned nurses who will serve as mentors, providing guidance and sharing their wisdom and experience.

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Real-World Practice

Move beyond classroom theory and engage in real-world practice, bridging the gap between academic knowledge and the challenges faced in healthcare settings.

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Function in an Expanded Scope

Due to our academic partnerships, participants in the Extern Program will have the opportunity to function in an expanded scope. Few other Nurse Extern programs offer this benefit! Gain the confidence and skills you need to be successful in your RN career.

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Transformative Experience

Immerse yourself in a hands-on, transformative Summer Externship Program that goes beyond traditional classroom learning.

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Preparation for the Future

Acquire a solid foundation for your nursing career, setting you apart as a prepared and capable healthcare professional.

Nursing Student Program

We’re offering an exclusive opportunity for local nursing students to significantly increase their hours of patient contact prior to graduation.

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Program Details

  • Open to nursing students between their first and second year
  • 10 weeks in length; late May through late July
  • Work approximately 36 hours per week with one week off
  • Provide over 300 hours of direct patient care
  • Receive a paid hourly wage for the duration of the program
  • Work under an assigned, experienced UHS preceptor
  • Gain college credit in a summer externship course

Student Benefits

  • Enhance Your Skills: Develop and refine essential nursing skills through practical, on-the-job experience, preparing you for the challenges of the real-world healthcare environment.
  • Over 300 Hours of Direct Patient Contact: Gain invaluable knowledge through the opportunity to experience over 300 hours of direct patient contact, honing your skills in real-world healthcare settings.
  • Increased Confidence: Build confidence as you actively contribute to patient care, fostering a sense of assurance in your abilities and readiness for the challenges of the nursing profession.
  • Increased Competence: Work alongside skilled nurses to enhance your competence in various nursing skills, ensuring you are well prepared for the diverse demands of the field.
  • Resume Enhancement: Elevate your resume with an externship experience, showcasing your commitment to continuous learning, practical experience, and dedication to becoming an exceptional nurse.
  • Gain College Credit: UHS Summer Externs co-enroll in one of three local colleges’ summer externship courses. Upon successful completion, you’ll gain credit that might fulfill elective requirements.
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Are you ready to apply for this innovative summer program?

Join our Summer Externship Program and take a huge step toward a successful and fulfilling nursing career!

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