Summer Externship

Nursing students are offered the unique advantage of the UHS summer externship. Get the hours you need to feel comfortable entering the workforce as a registered nurse!

You’ll also get the opportunity to apply for our Education Incentive Program (EIP), which provides you with tuition assistance for the rest of your degree program. Enrolling in our EIP guarantees your employment with UHS after your graduation. Nursing graduates automatically get enrolled in our UHSH Nurse Residency Program for their first year of employment with EIP nurses getting first choice for the area in which they would like to work.

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Learn from the largest healthcare system in the Southern Tier

Experience 10 weeks of hands-on learning, camaraderie, and fun!

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Get Paid to Learn

As a participant of the program, you will receive an hourly wage. This externship will be your summer job and you’ll receive credit from your college.

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Dual Opportunity

Throughout the summer, you will be considered a temporary UHS employee as well as a nursing student. This will give you learning experiences unrivaled by your coursework alone. Externs will have the opportunity to spend over 300 hours in the clinical environment during the summer program, greatly increasing their total patient contact during nursing school and giving their resumes an edge over other grads.

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Fulfill Elective Requirements

You will be enrolled in your school’s externship course, which may fulfill an elective requirement. You will gain hands-on experience as well as participate in case review, debriefing, and practical skills education.

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Function in an Expanded Scope

Due to our academic partnerships, participants in the Extern Program will have the opportunity to function in an expanded scope. Few other Nurse Extern programs offer this benefit! Gain the confidence and skills you need to be successful in your RN career.

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Employment Opportunities

Upon completion of the externship, you will have the opportunity to continue employment with UHS as a Nursing Assistant or Clinical Sitter, as you complete your degree. If you are participating in the UHS EIP, you will be guaranteed employment in the UHSH Nurse Residency program after your graduation.

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During the externship period, you will always have supervision, assistance, and mentorship from two experienced nurses who will be assigned to you specifically. Gain relationships with real UHS nurses as you explore real-life skills and grow in confidence.

Nursing Student Program

We’re offering an exclusive opportunity for local nursing students to significantly increase their hours of patient contact prior to graduation.

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Program Details

  • 10 weeks in length.
  • Work approximately 36 hours per week and approximately 360 hours total.
  • Receive a paid hourly wage for the duration of the program.
  • You will be assigned two in-hospital preceptors and mirror their schedules.
  • Take advantage of this dual opportunity: You will be both a temporary summer hospital employee and an enrolled nursing student.

Student Benefits

  • Students will not be restricted to functioning as Nursing Assistants. Externs will be able to function in the expanded scope allowed to nursing students during the externship program.
  • This program may count towards an elective requirement at your college.
  • Upon successful completion, a stipend will cover the cost of in-state summer tuition at your college for a two-credit undergraduate course.
  • After completion, you can choose to continue with UHS during your academic year as a paid Nursing Assistant or Clinical Sitter.
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UHS BSN Education Incentive Program

  • With our EIP, you’ll save significantly on the cost of tuition while having a guaranteed job lined up at UHS once you’ve graduated.
  • Join the largest healthcare organization in the Southern Tier and have your tuition covered up to $8,000/semester for a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. *Does not include parking fee.
  • TAP and PELL grants received by the learning institution on behalf of the student that appear on the student account will be subtracted from the tuition amount paid by UHSH on the student’s behalf.
  • Students in the UHS EIP program commit to at least two (2) full years of continuous employment at UHSH.
Apply to Our EIP

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The Summer Nursing Externship Program enables you to function in an expanded scope and develop the skills you need with paid, hands-on training. Grow your confidence while you gain experience in your field with real patients.

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