Graduate Nurse Residency Program

At United Health Services (UHS), our 12-month Nurse Residency Program helps new graduate nurses transition from nursing school to clinical practice in a safe learning environment. As a Nurse Resident, you'll learn from experienced RN mentors, form lasting friendships, and complete intensive clinical skills training to reinforce what you've learned in school.

We know that new RNs may not feel like they are ready to jump right into clinical practice—and at UHS, you aren't expected to. Our structured program will give you the training and time you need to gain confidence, plus you'll be paid competitively from the moment you arrive.

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What are the benefits of a Nurse Residency Program?

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Start your RN career among friends.

Becoming an RN isn't easy, but at United Health Services it's a little less intimidating with friends and mentors by your side.

  • Travel through the Nurse Residency Program and your first year of work with the same cohort of new graduate nurses.
  • Beginning with your first days of orientation, build meaningful friendships with nurses who are in the exact same place in their career.
  • Find social support in a safe space—we have fun, we go places together, we laugh and learn together, and sometimes we share pain and cry together.

Take part in intensive, hands-on skills training and grow your confidence.

This training isn't meant to repeat what you learned in nursing school. It's our way of safely putting nursing education into practice with the guidance of your preceptor.

Your First Six Months: Clinical Skills
We've thoughtfully created 30 discrete skills encounters where you'll receive hands-on training with the tools of the trade. You will also combine classroom and online learning once per month and dive deep into topics such as cardiac and respiratory care, pain management, diabetes, sepsis and skin, and GI/GU.

Your Next Six Months: Leadership and Development
As you gain confidence with your clinical skills, learn what it means to be a nurse leader with workshops on topics like clinical coaching, evidence-based practice, end-of-life care, communication, and de-escalation.

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Work with Clinical Coaches who have been in your shoes.

Our nurses have felt your fears, and the existence of the Nurse Residency Program is evidence that UHS has created a culture of understanding and compassion for our newest grads.

  • As you move through on-unit shadowing and clinical training with your Clinical Coach (preceptor), you're encouraged to ask as many questions as possible.
  • Your relationship with your preceptor is important. If something isn't working or if you aren't finding a good fit, we can make changes if circumstances warrant.
  • We will walk with you, mentor you, and invest in you and your career, recognizing that you're a valuable part of our team.

How else do we support our Nurse Residents?

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Tuition Forgiveness: $11–$17K

After you've worked hard for your degree, we want to reward you and thank you for choosing UHS as the place to start your career. Nurse Residents can receive $11,000 in tuition forgiveness for their ASN degree or $17,000 for their BSN degree.

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Starting Salary: $38.40/hour

Hourly rates for acute care and inpatient Nurse Residents at UHS are among the highest in the Southern Tier. We consistently monitor market trends to ensure our RNs are paid competitively. You'll earn what you deserve starting on day one.

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Relocation Assistance: $5,000

Start your nursing career in the Greater Binghamton area of New York's Southern Tier. If you live more than 50 miles from Wilson Medical Center or Binghamton General Hospital, UHS will provide up to $5,000 to help you relocate.

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Flexible Placement Options

Nurse Residents work at UHS Wilson Medical Center and UHS Binghamton General Hospital in many areas/units, including medical-surgical, critical care, emergency/trauma, telemetry, operating room, behavioral health, and NICU or L&D.

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Career Advancement Potential

UHS offers an ASN to BSN Education Incentive Program, support to obtain ANCC specialty credentials, and a robust Clinical Ladder program. When you start your RN career with us, we hope you'll stay and grow your career here, too.

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A Team Dedicated to Values

Everyone across our workforce of 6,300+ employees and providers is committed to our Values of Compassion, Trust, Respect, Teamwork, and Innovation. These Values are present in every interaction with each other and our patients.

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“During school, it was easy to focus on one or two skills at a time, but now I needed all of those skills at the ready. During the residency, I had time to sharpen skills I might be fuzzy on … usually learning it from nurses who are actually on the floor doing these things. The Code Olympics, in particular, was an excellent gamification of something very stressful that made me feel much more prepared for the worst of situations than I felt before.”
Alex B., Nurse Resident

Are you approaching graduation?
Apply to be a UHS Nurse Resident!

While there are thousands of RN jobs out there, our Nurse Residency Program is proven to provide one of the best career entry experiences for new grads. Please indicate your clinical areas of interest on your application, which will be passed along to the appropriate departments and units for review by their hiring managers.

Do you have questions?
Start the conversation with a recruiter.

If you want to learn more about our Nurse Residency Program, United Health Services’ employee benefits, our Nursing Division, practice and hospital locations, specialty care areas, or working at UHS in general, please reach out to a recruiter to start the conversation! They will be able to guide you through the application process.

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